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House Sessions

We’re very excited to present to you the EQX House Sessions! A video series that showcases a mix of touring and local acts performing at the station.
More info on the history of the room can be found below.

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Session #35: Wolf Alice
Recorded April 7th, 2018

Session #34: White Denim
Recorded May 12th, 2018

Session #33: Company Of Thieves
Recorded April 30th, 2018

Session #32: Barns Courtney
Recorded November 8th, 2017

Session #31: Bishop Briggs
Recorded March 30th, 2018

Session #30: Spoon
Recorded December 5th, 2017

Session #29: White Reaper
Recorded December 5th, 2017

Session #28: Northern Faces
Recorded September 22nd, 2017

Session #27: Weezer
Recorded September 18th, 2017

Session #26: In The Valley Below
Recorded August 21st, 2017

Session #25: Another Michael
Recorded January 22nd, 2017

Session #24: Mondo Cozmo
Recorded May 31st, 2017

Session #23: Portugal. The Man
Recorded June 2nd, 2017

Session #22: Electric Guest
Recorded March 3rd, 2017

Session #21: Wild Adriatic
Recorded January 25th, 2017

Session #20: Lewis Del Mar
Recorded February 23rd, 2017

Session #19: Rubblebucket
Recorded January 26th, 2017

Session #18: Marco Benevento
Recorded February 3rd, 2017

Session #17: Jouska
Recorded December 3rd, 2016

Session #16: K.Flay
Recorded November 17th, 2016

Session #15: The Palms
Recorded November 11th, 2016

Session #14: Dirty Heads
Recorded October 22nd, 2016

Session #13: Colony House
Recorded September 8th, 2016

Session #12: Kimono Dragons
Recorded September 3rd, 2016

Session #11: BORNS
Recorded May 3rd, 2016

Session #10: The Brinks
Recorded August 3rd, 2016

Session #9: The Struts
Recorded July 20th, 2016

Session #8: Arkells
Recorded April 22nd, 2016

Session #7: Fitz and the Tantrums
Recorded June 23rd, 2016

Session #6: The Wombats
Recorded June 14th, 2016

Session #5: Wild Belle
Recorded April 27, 2016

Session #4: Sean Rowe
Recorded May 13, 2016

Session #3: Baio
Recorded April 7, 2016

Session #2: Bear Grass
Recorded February 28, 2016

Session #1: DMA’s
Recorded March 26, 2016


A quick backstory…
Just about two years ago we started the process of giving the biggest room in the house a total makeover. It was an old office space no longer in use, and after a few years of walking by such a large unused room everyday, the staff decided we needed a change, that this room could be used for so much more, and so the idea of the live room started to become a reality. After tearing down cubicles, tearing up the rug and and making the place look new again, we built a wall made up of all the old radio broadcast equipment that had accumulated in the building throughout the years as our backdrop. We were lucky enough to be gifted with a piano, and an old Hammond organ and the room started to fill with music. It was decided we should name the room Studio BB, in honor of the founder of EQX, the late great Brooks Brown. Hopefully he would be proud of what we’ve created, and not mad we made a wall out of gear that may still be useful for something! When bands come through town, we love to welcome them into our home (EQX is in an old house after all!), and spend an afternoon getting to know them and hearing stripped down versions of some of our favorite songs. It feels special to have this new space, and we hope you enjoy what we’ve been doing with it! A lot of time, effort and love has gone into this, thanks for listening and thanks for enjoying great music as much as we do!

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6:00am - 10:00am


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