Throughout my life, I've noticed people enjoy calling me solely by my last name: Keller. It seemed to stick. I dig it. I respect the unbelievable legacy of EQX, its loyal fans, and how countless bands have considered it as a badge of honor to be played on this radio station. I'm no stranger to being on-air, but I know each station has its own unique feel - that funky EQX vibe is what made me want to come here.

One random fact about me: I do not own an iPod, never have. I have gotten endless comments on that one, "How could a radio guy not have an iPod. You can always choose your own songs?!" The answer may be part of the reason why you (yes you) listen to the radio - the surprise of not knowing what song is coming up next is still cool. That's just one reason why I'm excited to be part of EQX.