Top 102.7 of 2016… VOTE HERE!!!

EQX House Sessions

We’ve been working for months on these, having bands come in and perform for us so we can record them for you to see! So, here we go, presenting the EQX House Sessions! So far we’ve posted eight videos! Check it out and learn more about our new performance space HERE.

Tulip Fest 2016!!!!


We have a new track from The So So Glos!

“A.D.D. Life”… download it for FREE!

The Top 102.7 Songs of 2015… HERE’S THE LIST!

Thanks for voting and joining us for the countdown!

Unjustly Fired: Help Thomas Smith


EQX Small Business Friends

Check out this list of small businesses we work with. Shop local, shop independent this season!


See you in Washington Park May 9th…