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This is Spinal Tap – Sound+Vision: Music at the Movies – Tue Oct 3rd, 2023

Time: 7:00pm-

Location: 339 Central Avenue Albany, NY 12206 (map)

Sound + Vision: Music at The Movies presents the greatest in soundtrack-cinema. On the first Tuesday of every month, we curate a film screening where the music fuels the engine of the cinema experience, with a preshow moderated discussion on the film and music’s history and cultural impact.

Presented in Hi-def and 51. surround sound. Co-sponsored by WAMC, WEXT, and Rochmon Record Club.

The English heavy metal band Spinal Tap embarks on their biggest tour in the US to date to promote their new album “Smell The Glove”. The tour is so big that it’s attracted the attention of documentary filmmaker Marti DeBergi, who decides to make a movie about Spinal Tap’s trek across America. But as the documentary goes along, Spinal Tap sees their audiences dwindle from selling out huge arenas to going to play at charity benefits, and eventually playing private parties where no one pays attention to their music. Their new album drops and it’s decently reviewed by critics, but the record stores have a huge problem with the sexist overtones of the album’s cover, causing a loss in sales. However, a series of incidents that constantly shoot themselves in the foot – whether it’s a minuscule Stonehenge monument, a stage prop malfunction, or a simple two word review of an album – keep preventing the band from enjoying the success they deserve. But how long can they keep playing to 11? And will they find the audience that suits them?

$10General Admission


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