21st Century (Digital Boy)
Bad Religion
With Balance
Metronomy, Naima Bock & Joshua Idehen
Nine Inch Nails
Su 7:00pm-9:00pm

Every Sunday night from 7pm-9pm Pearson helps introduce you to the band down the block, the one playing in the bar across town, the ones you maybe didn’t know were right under your nose, but you most definitely should be aware of. 

Want to submit music?
– Your band must be based in the EQX broadcast range.
– The focus of your band needs to be ORIGINAL music, NOT COVERS.


What to send and how:
email an mp3/download link to


If you send a full album, please indicate 1-3 songs you think may be the best fit for the show. Unfortunately with the amount of submissions there isn’t always time to listen to full albums from every band. Listen to the station, check out EQXposure and see what you think seems to be the best fit for songs.

If you don’t have a full length, you can email an mp3 of a single (or link to download it) to Please indicate band name, where you’re from and links to any websites or social media.

Please be patient, we receive A LOT of submissions. Your submission will get a response, but it may take some time. We know waiting is hard, we just get many more hours worth of music sent to us than there is hours in a week. Thanks in advance for being understanding.

How do bands get chosen? What makes a song a good one to play on the show?
If you listen to EQX you know the style of music we play is “alternative”, sometimes that can mean a wide range. Rock, bluegrass, indie rock, jam bands, electronic, Americana, there’s many flavors. We try to play music on the local show that sounds like it would fit in the flow of the station, because, once in awhile a local band does make that next step up to being in regular rotation, and, we always look to bands we play on EQXposure to open up for national touring acts. So it is a wide range, and not totally strict, but often things that are straight up pop, strictly rap, or the heavier side of rock/metal just don’t fit. This doesn’t mean we don’t think something is quality, and we might personally like some of those sounds, it’s just not not a sound we share with our audience.

Thanks for listening, thanks for being awesome, and I look forward to helping our already killer local music community continue to grow into new levels of kicking ass. 


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