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Welshly Arms – Thu Oct 27th, 2022

Time: 7:00pm-

Location: 93 North Pearl Street Albany, NY 12207 (map)

After dropping their anthemic single “Legendary” in 2017, the indie rock world was quickly
introduced to Welshly Arms’ penchant for unleashing larger-than-life alt-rock bangers and spine
tingling live performances. Their 2018 album No Place is Home has garnered over 350M total
streams and provides a sensational musical journey that hits all the swaggery notes. Put simply,
the band injects a powerful dose of emotion that continues to leave the Welshly Arms’ faithful
The group’s latest release Wasted Words & Bad Decisions was recorded in an old farm house
in the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio as the world endured lockdown. The tranquil and comfortable
setting provided the platinum-selling five-piece band a welcome respite from the grueling
demands of touring stateside and overseas.
“With a long pause in touring and live performances due to the pandemic, we took time to reflect
and refocus on our music,” says Sam Getz [Lead, Singer, Guitar]. “These songs speak to who
we all are in this exact moment of our lives. Musically, we wanted this record to bring us back to
the raw rock-n-roll that we had built the band on when we were jamming in the basement
together. But, of course, we’ve also matured and gelled as musicians after touring the world
together, and I think that intersection is what made Wasted Words & Bad Decisions so fun and
rewarding to create.”
After dropping their anthemic single “Legendary” (now a certified platinum single in several
European countries that has been streamed over 250 Million times) in 2017, the five
midwesterners were catapulted from playing local music clubs in Cleveland onto the world’s
largest rock festival stages including Lollapalooza, The Reading & Leeds Festival, Bottlerock,
Rock am Ring, Hangout Music Fest, Shaky Knees, and more in less than a year’s time.
The quick rise for Getz, Jimmy Weaver [bass, vocals], Mikey Gould [drums], Bri
Bryant [vocals], and Jon Bryant [vocals] saw the band play for massive sold-out festival crowds
instantly hooked by “Legendary” and other Welshly Arms’ hits such as “Indestructible”, “Learn
To Let Go”, and “Sanctuary” (the latter two were both Top Ten Songs in Germany) In mere
months, Welshly Arms became indie-rock darlings cherished from Los Angeles to Warsaw.
While being on the road in Europe and North America for seemingly two straight years, Welshly
Arms’ tunes appeared in popular media including Quentin Tarentino’s award-winning film
“The Hateful Eight” (Trailer), Underground 6 (Netflix), Empire (Fox), FIFA (EA Sports), and
were used by major brands such as Miller Lite, Jeep, ESPN, MLB, NFL, and NASCAR, among
many others.
Heavily influenced by the classic Cleveland sound, the eclectic group harkened back to their
diverse musical roots for their latest release; from jazz to soul, gospel to blues, rock to
alternative, and everything in between. Wasted Words… is an impressive sonic evolution for a
band that’s known for smooth melodies, momentous choruses, bold guitar instrumentation, and
slick production techniques. Hardcore fans will instantly recognize recently released singles such
as “Are You Lonely,” “save me from the monster in my head,” and “Stand”, while fresh
stand-outs like “Dangerous,” “One More Hallelujah,” “Burn Me Alive,” and “Proud” wield a
more daring and aggressive spin on Welshly Arms’ strikingly powerful style of soul-lifting rockand-roll.
The fan-favorite duo of Bri and Jon Bryant breathe spiritual life into every cut through their
uplifting choral vocal moments. While Getz’ soaring lead vocals and lyrics implore listeners to
persevere through life’s obstacles in between awe-inducing guitar solos. Weaver, a production
mastermind and gifted studio rat, sprinkles contemporary flavors through groovy basslines, synth
chords, and tasteful electronic effects. On the kit, Gould rhythmically weaves it together via an
unrelenting style of drumming.
Recharged and replenished, the five members of Welshly Arms look to continue to bring their
successful hits and latest full-length album to the masses with their signature fiery passion that
continues to inspire music fans all around the world

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