Catfish and the Bottlemen
Fall Together
The Temper Trap
Mood Ring
Yes Darling – Fri Jun 28th, 2024

Time: 7:00pm-

Location: 58 Remsen St. Cohoes, NY 12047 (map)

Hayley sings. Ryan plays guitar and sings. Which means Ryan does more. Yeah, but Hayley puts way more time and effort into looking and sounding good on stage and is obviously the face of the project.

Led by the legendary Ryan Montbleau and commanded by the illustrious Hayley Jane, there is rarely a disagreement or power struggle within the project. The two get along like peas andcarrots. Except for when they don’t. But they do. Yeah, sometimes. Hayley, you’re ruining thisbio right now. Well Ryan, I told you to just let me do it! That never ends well. And you’re supposed to leave two spaces after the end of a sentence, I’ve had to go back and fix all ofyours. What? I have never heard of that in my entire life! Don’t fix that one. Ugh, fine. Let’s get back to writing about how great we are.

Ryan Montbleau has been an acclaimed singer, songwriter, and bandleader for more than a decade. Through relentless touring (both on his own and with the Ryan Montbleau Band) and recording seven studio albums, Ryan’s earned a reputation for his gift for melody and a remarkably open-armed approach to songwriting.

Hayley Jane is a singer, songwriter and dancer. She commands the stage with style, grace and a dynamic force that brings joy and inspiration to her devoted fanbase. Hayley Jane is currently recording and touring as a solo artist after years with her national touring act, Hayley Jane and The Primates.


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