Supporting Local Artists During Quarantine

So Luke had this amazing idea to gather merch links from all the artists he’s played on Going Underground so that you can help support them while they isolate. “What a fine idea.” I said to myself as I began plotting to steal it. Shout out to Ryan Davis who suggested I do this as […]

Supporting Artists During Quarantine

Hey there EQX faithful! I certainly hope that you and yours are keeping well and staying safe in these precarious modern times. Here at EQX we remain committed to showcasing all the great artists who are just getting their start, or have been at it for some time now. With the arts already being a […]

COVID-19 Updates throughout EQX-Land

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EQX House Sessions

We’ve been having such a great time this past year, welcoming bands into our house to play us some songs and learn more about their music and what they’re up to. Now you can watch many of these performances with the EQX House Sessions video series!  Check it out and learn more about performance space […]